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    Held twice a year, in the Spring and in Autumn, Chantilly's Flower Show gathers flower enthusiasts from all corners of France and beyond. With more than 200 plant resellers attending every year, it is the largest event of its kind in continental Europe.

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    • Laura GUILLOU
      18 juillet 2019 at 22 h 14 min
      5 /5

      Here are 4 good reasons to go to Chantilly Flower Show:

      1. Enjoy the crème de la crème of the garden’s pro (not whipped cream, though …)
      Chantilly Flower Show exist since 30 years, they are spent in the park of the castle of Chantilly since 2015 with an edition in spring and autumn. During a weekend of 3 days, nurseries, collectors, landscapers, professionals of the vegetable world, horticultural associations gather to offer us collectibles and classics. But also objects and furniture for garden. For whipped cream, I invite you to read point 4 ?
      2. Meet big names in the middle
      In 2017 There were conferences on succulents, permaculture and book signing with the presence of people you probably know: Stéphane Marie of the show Silence it pushes on France 5 to name only him.

      3. Participate in workshops and finally have a green thumb!
      But it is also animations and workshops-advice like the one that I was able to attend near Arnaud Delbard des Pépinière and Roseraies Delbard. They are well known in the area, for their productions and their creations of roses and fruit trees for more than 80 years!
      4. Stroll in the area of ​​Chantilly for FREE
      By buying your place at the Journées des Plantes, you have access to the Domaine de Chantilly! And yes ! The entrance to the field the rest of the year is 17 €, so it’s the same price as the entry to the event (well if you take pre-sale, otherwise it’s 20 €). So when I say for FREE, you can take the situation the other way: you decide to visit the field, and the Days of Plants will be the icing on the cake what ? This event has a great success, 28,500 visitors this year, expect to see a lot of people.

      You can discover or re-discover its magnificent castle, its park, walk in the stables and the horse museum. With a time like I had, ie a beautiful blue sky and more than 20 degrees during the day, I can tell you that it is very very pleasant. You can easily spend the day there. There are food stands everywhere, what to keep until closing: D. And if you go to the hamlet, you can taste the real whipped cream …

    • Emeric d'Arcimoles
      2 août 2019 at 14 h 03 min
      5 /5

      A unique flower event in the area in one of the most beautiful park in France !

    • Mathilde Pacot
      26 novembre 2019 at 18 h 31 min
      5 /5

      A nice surroundings to find beautiful plants! Every year there are famous people who come for a walk. If the sun is at the rendez vous, this is an opportunity to walk around and discover all these diverse and varied stands!

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