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This rare collection of photographs bears witness of the daily life during the Great War.

During WW1, the village of Vignacourt was beind the allies line. A local couple of farmers, Louis and Antoinette Thuillier owned their own camera - a very rare thing a the time. They took portraits of people stopping by at their farms - mostly soldiers.  The collection of photographs they took is to see at Vignacourt 14-18 a precious testimony of what daily life used to look like.


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  • Lydie Vandepitte
    28 novembre 2019 at 11 h 52 min
    5 /5

    Discover the amazing story of 4 000 photos taken during WW1, showing civilians and soldiers from the entire world ! This Thuillier collection is a treasure that helps to understand what happened behind the front line. So emotional…

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